Bathing Your Puppy


Bathing is one of the many responsibilities of a dog owner. However, bathing your dog too often is not good for his skin. The frequency of the bath depends on your dog’s breed and his type of activities. As for the Labrador Retriever, give him a bath when he is really dirty especially if he has stayed out and worked a lot. You can also use your nose to tell if your dog needs a bath. Bathing him too often than needed will strip the skin’s natural protective oil resulting to dry, itchy skin and will irritate the skin further when scratched.

Start bathing your dog from the head and work towards the tail. Wash his face with wash cloth. Avoid pouring lots of water in his face to prevent it from getting inside the ears. You may also want to place cotton balls inside his ears to make sure water cannot enter. Water in the ears is not good for dogs and can cause health problems such as ear infection.

A dog grooming bath can be an occasion for great fun if the pet is accustomed to bathing as a puppy. When the animal is young, it is more playful and open to new experiences; consequently, start a bathing routine as early as possible.

If you adopt an older animal and you can’t handle the dog grooming bath on your own, it’s your duty to pay someone to do it. Check with local groomers for grooming and bathing services in one, because they are usually cheaper.
If you plan to groom your dog at home you will need some basic dog grooming supplies. Taking your dog to a professional groomer for every grooming need can quickly cost in the hundreds of dollars. If you own a short hair dog you likely won’t need hair clippers, however nail clippers, a tooth brush, tooth paste, comb or brush and shampoo are essential. The initial investment in dog grooming supplies may set you back a few dollars, but doing your own grooming will save you money in the long run.
For those who are not sure which supplies are needed, there are kits that contain dog grooming supplies for the beginner.




Professional grooming services are not necessarily a must when have some grooming knowledge out of special dog grooming books. Moreover, to people who want to make a career out of pet caring, these special books may become a good course support and a step closer to getting a professional license. The number of publications is very large, and you may have difficulties choosing. The best idea is to check for reviews, author’s recognition and then order the material on eBay. A special place among dog grooming books is occupied by e guides and other materials available for download on the Internet.