Clipping Your Puppy’s Nails

Training Your Puppy For Nail Trimming

As a groomer, nail clipping is often one of the most difficult jobs to do if a puppy hasn’t been slowly aclimated to the experience.

nail trimming



I recommend starting with handling the puppy’s toes as often as possible, allowing your puppy to get used to you touching his toes. Make handling you puppy’s feet and toes an enjoyable experience.

Days or weeks later, when you are ready to start clipping them, have plenty of treats available and start with one paw at a time, for the first session.
Each time you trim a toe nail, give you puppy a treat and praise him. Continue this until all the nails are trimmed. Depending on your success and if the puppy doesn’t struggle, continue with another paw. If he struggles too much and it is becoming a fight to continue, trim one more toe and end the trimming session. Always end on a positive where you have succeeded so you do not re-enforce that if your puppy struggles enough, you will stop, that sends the message that he has won & not you.

trim nails

Training you puppy to allow you to clip his nails the correct way will create an enjoyable experience.